How Accounting firms in Ahmedabad Added an Extra Rs. 7 Lakh to their Revenue using Quick Client Portal

CPA client portal | Quick Client Portal

Automate your workflow and Document Sharing Process to Focus on the other important work that makes you more money.


Asking the Documents from your clients, again and again, might be one of the most time-consuming work in your Accounting Firm.


Imagine if you put even 15 minutes for each client to make sure they sent you all the documents and you have around 8 clients with you. You can do the maths, How much time do you put on this work each day.


To Make your Firm Documentation Easy and to Manage Client Documents, we have made a Highly secured Cloud Storage Platform that will allow you to Add Unlimited No. of Employees and Clients.


Whether it is your employee who wants to share documents with you, or it is your clients, everything could be done in a matter of 60 seconds.


So Far, We’ve received tons of email from Accounting Firms in Ahmedabad saying QCP has saved us 2 hours each day by making the workflow Faster and Easier.


The Most Common Message which we received from all the accountants is, 


Save More Time Like Never Before

Increasing your Revenue and Scale your Business highly depends upon how well you manage your time.

If you spend more time on the work which makes you a few bucks, you won’t be able to jump to the next level.

One of the Most Time-Consuming work is to connect with your clients and ask for Necessary  Documents again and again


To make the Process Simple and Faster, we have came up with Quick Client Portal to help you and your clients to share and receive documents on time.


Whether you want to receive documents from Employees or Clients, it’ll hardly take 60 seconds!


Saving 2 hours per day by automating the document sharing process helped accounting firms in Ahmedabad to Save 60 Hours Per Month. 


By Saving this crucial time each day, Accounting Firms were able to focus more on bringing in more clients and increase their revenue.


Document Storage Made Simple


Storing Documents in QCP is very simple and easy. QCP provides 5 important types of storages which help Accountants to separate and store based on their requirement

The 5 Types of Storages are as follows:


Private Documents

Documents stored in private documents will be only accessible by the admin(Owner). Clients and Employees couldn’t access it until and unless you give them admin access.

Store all your Private Business Documents here to make it accessible only by you.

Firm Documents


Want to Share Documents Among with your Team Members and Employees? Storing Documents in Firm Documents allows you to share the documents among with your Team Members.


Client Documents

Creating Separate Folders For each client and Storing documents in it allows you to Share and Receive Documents from Specific Clients in different Folders. 


Clients will not be able to see other client Documents and Folders.


Public Documents


Documents stored in public documents will be accessible to everyone added in your portal.

Whether they are your team members, employees and clients, every one of them can send and access the documents stored in public documents.


Group Documents


Creating Groups will allow you to share and receive documents only between the members in the Group.


Let’s say you want to connect an employee and client to make sure they communicate and send/receive documents.


You can create a Group Document which will allow your Employee and Client to Access Documents only between the members in that group.


By segregating the Private and Client Documents, you can boost your productivity and Efficiency to Focus on other Important Work that makes your More Money and Number of the client base.


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