Managed Services

Fully managed cloud services



Highly-secure and reliable IT Infrastructure

The infrastructure is deployed on world’s most reliable cloud service platform (AWS). It is highly available and secure due to its robust security controls and multi-region architecture.

Advanced Centralized control panel

Control panel gives users flexibility to easily update settings as per their needs and role. According to the role – they can access or manage settings in the control panel.

Granular data access with Advanced controls

Admin can decide who can access what at the granular level. Admin can easily change these settings from the control panel.

Full visibility to access logs

Admin gets full visibility of data access logs and make appropriate changes to the data access settings based on it.

Unlimited file versioning

All the files are versioned automatically as the changes are made and the system can keep unlimited versions of each file. This provide great flexibility of rolling back to any past version of the file and also protects in the events of Ransomware attacks.

IP whitelisting

Admin can restrict data access only from certain IP addresses, which prevents any unauthorised access to the sensitive data and ensures that the data is accessible only to the authorised personnel.

Two-factor authentication

The system enforces use of two-factor authentication to all the users thereby ensuring the secure data access by providing an additional robust layer of security.

Backup and recovery

The system keeps backups of all the data and servers at certain intervals and provides option to restore them as needed.




How do i get started?

Just email your contact information with your scope of the work at so that we’ll set you up with your cloud computing or storage requirements.


Is it compulsory to buy a server?

No, it is completely optional. You may choose to buy only storage services. Our storage solution doesn’t enforce you to keep a server. However, if you need a server to work with client-server architecture or connect your server-based business applications – we can help you by setting up fully managed servers for you. Most of our clients use our Centralized Data Solution program which enables them getting rid of their office Network Server and Store their data in more advanced Data Storage with bank level security.


How many users can i add for storage services?

You can add unlimited users and manage who can access what from the control panel.


Where my data will be stored?

Your data will be stored on highly secure cloud storage data centers.


Can i restrict access of data to specific members in my firm?

Yes, you can manage access rights using control panel.


How do you ensure security of servers?

We utilise some of the best-in-class firewalls and antivirus solutions to keep your servers safe. Additionally, our automated jobs keeps your servers up-to-date with latest OS upgrades and security patches. Our advance monitoring techniques keeps a watch on access logs of your servers and alerts you in case of an anomaly.


How do you protect against Ransomware?

The system keep multiple copies of your files. A new copy is created every time you update the file. In case of Ransomware impact – you get an option to restore the files to its previous (un-impacted) version.


How do you prevent data loss in case of disaster?

We keep full daily backups of your data in geographically different location and you get an option to request for recovery at any point in time.


Does Quick Client Portal LLC holds any security compliance certificate?

Yes, We have AICPA SOC2 Security compliance certificate.