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QCP Refund Policy

QCP accounts are set to auto-renew. QCP will issue a refund only (a) in the event that Your account is mistakenly overcharged or charged repeatedly for the same monthly payment, provided that any overcharge is reflected in a difference between the monthly payment then in effect for Your Subscription and the amount charged to Your payment account, or (b) for any reason not set forth herein that is required under the statutes or administrative rules in your jurisdiction.  QCP will NOT be obligated to issue a refund in any other circumstances, including but not limited to if You are dissatisfied with Your Subscription, if You suffer an outage as described in section 9(a) in QCP’s Billing and Subscription , or if You do not use Your Subscription or any benefits thereof.  

Monthly Billing

The length of Your Subscription is thirty (30) days. QCP will not refund or give any credits if any downgrade happens. In the event of subscription cancelation, QCP will stop the automatic renewal of the next billing cycle. Therefore, you will be not billed for the following month. Moreover, no refund of partial credit will be returned for any remaining part of the current billing month. If you renew or pay for any subscription then QCP will not issue any refund since QCP have to occupy the cloud space for the storage promised to you per your subscription selected by you for that billing month.  

If you have any more questions about subscription or refunds then please reach out to

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